About Us

The Asia Carbon Institute (ACI) was established in 2022 in Asia as a voluntary carbon credit standard organisation and registry. The organisational form of an independent non-profit organisation was chosen to allow the organisation to be truly independent. Its objective is non-profit driven and guided by the belief that future human development can only be sustainable if GHG emissions are significantly reduced. Government regulation without financial, market-driven incentives is unlikely to be very effective in reducing sufficient GHG emissions to meet the Paris Agreement goals. For a successful market to develop, a framework with fully transparent standards is needed. These standards help to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy by creating creditable, transparent, and high-quality carbon credits.

Validate and issue Carbon credit certificates that represent one metric ton of CO2 avoided or removed

Carbon credits generated from credible climate action projects around the globe that helps to reduce, remove or sequester carbon emission

Carbon credits from credible, measurable and independently audited projects

In-house expertise with global reach. Tailor-made solutions and unparalleled sector knowledge

Latest technologies are used to track and monitor carbon credit throughout its life-cycle

International network with representatives in China, Middle East and ASEAN countries. Office in Hong Kong and Singapore


Our Values

The ACI’s values and philosophy of implementation rest on three pillars:

We are and will remain fully independent, and our standards are based on the internationally recognised state-of-the-art science in carbon management and mitigation. The organisational structure allows the operation of the ACI to remain fully independent. Close collaboration with our global network of specialists and academic leaders ensures that the ACI stays abreast of the latest scientific findings and developments, as well as international regulations.

We adhere to international standards of best practices on professionalism throughout the process of the ACI Program. All our processes and decisions are fully transparent. Relevant data and supporting information from our work on projects are all properly documented, published and traceable.

We are guided in our work by the highest standards of quality, integrity, equity, inclusivity, and a commitment to creating shared value.


Our Mission

The ACI’s goal is to become one of the globally recognised voluntary carbon credits registries, with a special focus on urban-based and technology-based solutions.

Our mission is to help accelerate the transition towards associated national climate neutral economies by creating a creditable, transparent, and financially inclusive carbon credit certification standard and contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The ACI welcomes and shall consider GHG mitigation project applications with newer technologies on carbon capture supported by appropriate methodologies.

Accelerate the transition towards climate neutral economy


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