Asia Carbon Institute launches in Singapore

Singapore, 29 August, 2023 – The Asia Carbon Institute (ACI) is proud to announce its launch today in Singapore. ACI is one of the first voluntary carbon credit standards organisations and registries to focus on Asia. It was established to address the gaps in the Asia voluntary carbon market (VCM) and to help accelerate the development of technology- and urban-based greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation solutions across the region and beyond.

The founders of ACI believe that technology- and urban-based solutions are powerful and transformative in mitigating climate change and promoting sustainable development in Asia. A key way to incentivise the adoption of sustainable practices is through voluntary carbon credits, the ACI’s key focus. John Lo, one of the founders of ACI, said: “Asia is the fastest developing region in the world and has the greatest potential to reduce GHG emissions. Carbon neutrality targets set by governments around the world will drive the demand and supply of voluntary carbon credits to unprecedented heights.”

ACI provides an independent, science-based review of project developments, while also supporting the issuance of voluntary carbon credits and helping companies accelerate the transition towards their net carbon zero goals.

ACI will partner with government entities and the private sector in its mission to standardise voluntary carbon credits and reduce carbon emissions. ACI is also looking to collaborate with standard bodies, financial and scientific communities, and GHG mitigation project developers to bring new ideas and new technologies that will revolutionise the VCM.

As part of today’s launch, ACI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the British Standard Institution (BSI) to develop governance structures, systems, and manuals to complement the efforts of other carbon mitigation programs and GHG reduction programmes.

ACI has received an overwhelming response from its partners and stakeholders since its inception and looks forward to creating meaningful impact and partnerships in the future. Lo says: “This is a testament that we are doing something right for the environment, society, and future generations.”

“ACI has the potential to contribute to the global effort to tackle climate change as it aims to channel financing to advanced climate technologies and sustainable practices. Singapore welcomes like-minded organisations such as ACI that are committed to support the low-carbon transition. We look forward to ACI joining our carbon services ecosystem and contribute towards building a high integrity global carbon market.”

– Lim Wey-Len, Senior Vice President, Environmental Sustainability, Singapore Economic Development Board


Mr. John Lo (Founder, ACI) announced the launch of the Asia Carbon Institute, introducing its mission and vision.

GoH Ms Zhi Hui Tang (Senior Director, MTI) and Mr. John Lo (Founder, ACI)

ACI and BSI signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop governance structures, systems, and manuals to complement the efforts of other carbon mitigation programs and GHG reduction programmes.

Panel discussion “Building Trust & Sustainability in Asia Carbon Markey Ecosystem”. Panelists from left to right: Ms. Grace Hui (Founder & CEO, Net Zero Asia), Mr. David Horlock (CEO, CarbonCap), Mr. Rajesh Sundaresan (Co-Founder, Carbon Impact Capital), Ms. Sharon Yuen (CCO, STACS)

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